[PVP] Lower the number of abilities that apply knockup/down stun/paralyse

I am a new player. I probably do not understand much of the stuff. Still I think that all the pvp revolving around CC-ing opponents and smashing the combo on them is plain boring. I currently play Hawkeye and 70% of my kit is CC. Also the stagger from auto attacks is just annoying.

Much more entertaining PVP would be to remove most of the CC from abillites and orient it on skill shots, dashes, dodges, and a FEW high cooldown stuns/slows/roots/knockbacks or whatever. Right now, missing one of your cc-s is not a big deal, cuz you just gonna buy time to use it after 10 seconds, I wish that would change.

Great example of a PVP mechanism is the arrow that restricts the vision of opponents, it gives an edge to the user, but lets the opponent think how to handle that, and not just stay on the ground and receive dmg. Like “in which direction should I dash, should I back out, what should I do”?

I know the PVE is the main focus.

Hope I get some feedback because I think we can make a change here.
Any thoughts?


Yep, totally agree, i know many people wont agree with me but for me PVP in this game doesnt require much skill, everything is about who lands the first stun and then hit someone who is standing still incapable of doing nothing.


So you want to make the game into a MOBA pvp? Right now it’s more of a fighting game where you have to know your matchups and bait out abilities. Its not whoever lands the first cc, you have to read your opponent and react to that.
Just git gud


Yea, it’s more like tekken now and I do not like it. Just the idea of being in a position where you cannot do anything kills the pleasure for me, that’s why I don’t play tekken now.
You could say that I want it to be more like a MOBA yea.
“Having to react” So if you miss a 0.75 miliseconds reaction you end up with 5 seconds afk. That’s not skill or anything it is just frustrating.

Theres no need for change in the amount of CC in the game… you just have not yet understood how it works. You have to use more super armor skills in your build. Its balanced as it is. You just need to get the knack of it.


Problem is pvp is not balanced for all classes. A lot miss super armors while some are way overtuned (deathblade). Just gotta wait for pvp balance

I am not good at it but I understand how it works. And it is about getting someone incapacitated and dishing out as much as you can in that window then stalling to get your cooldowns and doing it all over again. Of course the more you know about the character types the better you get, you know what to expect you can react faster, but in it’s core it is CC → TONS OF DMG

Hey Smilegate, I don’t like your current design. Can you change the game for me please? Pretty please? Don’t worry about the other thousands of players who enjoy the current design, they’ll surely be fine. We just want to use abilities and do damage until one of us dies first, no need to be cc’ed right?


I asked for feedback. But yea man, show us how funny you are.


Yea I feel like the pvp will be much more enjoyable if there were mechanics that put the opponent in a hard situation. But I guess letting go of the keyboard for the CC duration can be called that.

Sure man, we always want the best for the game we love, even if that goes against what the majority wants. If you don’t enjoy being cc’ed for a few seconds (I don’t think anyone does) then you need to learn how to not get cc’ed. Mashing damage abilities only or dash around to avoid them would turn this into a completely different game, this is an isometric view game not a 3rd person like BDO and even BDO is all about CC like every other MMO I played so this just comes standard, CC —> burst. Not sustain damage until kill. In higher levels of play when you get cc’ed your team often peels for you. Pvp is just fine in this game and is great, the only minor gripe I have with it is the excessive amount of super armor a couple of classes have.

PvP its like that for years, its an amazing PvP, watch some streams, see Lin-0 video about CC and protection and get used to how CC works and what protects you from what kind of CC. Its boring to “CC and smash the combo” if you can actually do it. If you play against good players that play as a team and know how CC works its not simple at all. Also " cuz you just gonna buy time" its because you are an hawkeye and most of you just hit from range and wait for cooldowns, thats how a bad hawkeye plays and why most people dont like hawkeyes in team. Its rare to play with a good hawkeye in a team, when you do tho, they are great.

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I will make sure to checkout the video.

Hawkeyes I never see in my screen because they are soooo backline and affraid to jump in and just run in circles waiting for cds = 300k damage per match and no peel. Hawkeyes that consistently jump into the fray in melee range = 600k damage per match.

Have you played lol recently? You spend most of the time, stunned, supressed, sleeped, knocked-up etc these days :smiley:

This is not a dispute if I am a bad hawkeye, because I stated that in the post. But thanks for the tip, I will try to work at it.

Yea, it sucks dicks. But MOBA is not only dota and LoL.

Then dont get stunned 5Head
Lol this post was flagged, i swear lost ark is going to be another new world cus of AGS, this company is killing all my hype

:smiley: Right