PvP Matchmaking Failures!

This has been reported, ticketed, escalated… and a month and a half later… still NOTHING!!
You wonder why your player base is steadily dropping?

You’ve got screenshots, reports, tickets… i mean… what more do you need to understand people want this fixed today… not next year! who cares if destroyer is coming out if you cant play and quit? Believe me, before your next patch i and others will be long gone because of your neglect to handle this!

Hello @fenris,

I’m really sorry to hear about this situation, I understand this kind of situations can be frustrating and to wait until a situation get fixed its sometimes not the best scenario.

At this moment this case was already escalated by the customer service team to the technical support team and its being reviewed at the moment but unfortunately I will prefer to not tell you an estimated time, since that would be speculation and we do have to wait until an update in this case for us to have an official response and contact again Live support will not make the process faster.

I do hope you can understand this and again I’m really sorry this is the case this time, as soon as we have an update on this we will let you know.

I hope you have a great day and see you in Arkesia! :dagger: :leaves:

Sooooo… Its been 2 months since the first post about this situation. Its effecting high and low rated players. No post… No update… No tweet… but you guys can post all about the new skins in the shop. This game is literally (as far as pvp is concerned) becoming a huge meme in the waiting.

So 3 months now @Roxx , @Greenvcs and NOTHING! Good way to lose players! This is been in MULTIPLE forums, and pvp players have gotten nothing but roadmaps and skins. THANKS! Because thats what we wanted… not fixing your game. THANK GOD new/better games are coming out with ALOT better customer service.

Dude, I have to agree. I’m no spending a cent on this game now and will be jumping ship as soon as some games are released. As a player, I’ve never been treated like this by any game company ever. Not even close. Screw these guys

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This is still happening… what the heck is going on. I’ve had 10 fails with no success, then RANDOMLY it’s on a time out because ??? I cant que for 20 min now… what a mess this game is. Might just go back to RU where it at least works.