PvP matchmaking is an utter joke

This is literally an average game in bronze elo hell. I’ve climbed to gold before and yet somehow get sucked back into this cesspool. I have every single kill on my team, and am getting placed with 1000 rank players as a 1500.


Just came to say, yes MM sucks. Pvp was fairly popular early on, but AGS did nothing to promote it or add a little bit more nuance to the MM algorithm, so less ppl play ranked now. Making the MM even worse. I still find it fun, but that’s cause I play ranked for the increased points, and I go in knowing it’s flawed.

AGS needs to do some of the following at least: promote pvp better, offer better rewards for competitive, make the guild quest do-able in comp, sharpen up the MM algorithm for more fair matches (the issue is beyond what rank you are, I’m talking about support/dps)

PvP in this game is fun and interesting, wish it was more popular.

Oh and also because you had the most killing blows is not an indication that you were the best player or working with your teammates properly. Sometimes those losses are just how she goes… onto the next.

Lmao, please explain how me getting not only the most kills, but also the most damage done, and with the least damage taken is not an indication of how I was the best player? I’ll wait.

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Exemple of balanced games…

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Nah u right. But anyway you just move onto the next.

I was platnium once and got sucked back to high silver cause matching with low mmr so i gave up i jus troll and get pvp currency and title.

Matchmaking is not okay, neither class wise, neither MMR it put some insane comps like 3 bards or stuff like that is okay the game is not design to be PvP oriented wise i get that , but they put 0 effort like literally 0 effort to fix anything around PvP why they added it ?! When put no effort to improve it ? , personally i’m at supreme 8 and won’t even try to go higher as long as i take the mats from the shop i’m fine this game PVP is not existing is a joke.


Also getting stuck with Ultras and Limits that have NO clue wth they are doing.

Complaining about PvP is pointless because it’s been in this same, horrible state in KR for years and they did nothing about it.

Very few people actually play PvP so bad matchmaking becomes even worse. Nothing to be done.

Just play out your weeklies on all characters in unranked and you can get a lot of XP to unlock higher shop tiers.

I stopped ranked 2 months ago and my rank decay. MM is terrible yes.

Im just stating facts. I quit complaining. Ive learned im going to get stuck with higher tier/lower tier, and all around crap players. No need to complain, its not going to change. Just do your best, have fun, and dont worry about your rank anymore. Even if you go bronze… who cares? Its not going to change anytime soon.

Well i gave up this rank and pvp ranked after I grind it to supreme 8 to be able to buy the shop weekly, nowadays, I play 10/15 games a week to maintain the supreme 8 and that’s it, I don’t really care if I win or lose anymore. Since the mode is complete garbage unbalanced and unplayable. Nobody will fix this since in korea the pvp is dead, even Guild PVP is dead in the water. Another unbaalnced game mode designed for whales.

MMR systems only work in scenarios where the system using it has the ranks populated.

Otherwise, no matter what sort of matchmaking system they put in, you will always end up with unbalanced games.

If you are trying to get a 3v3 and only 6 people total are queuing, no matter what your ratings are, the system will eventually queue you together after all the other buffer windows time out. So if you have 5 1000 MMR players and one 3000 MMR player queuing 3v3, the 3000 MMR player is going to be playing against 1000 MMR players because there’s no one else to pull into the match.

Would love to get better at pvp, but every match so far has me teamed up against an opposing team that totally out-matches us in ranking. So there’s no opportunity to learn as just get wiped so fast… if I’m 10th Limit… I don’t expect to be up against Ultras. It’s constant matchmaking like this that’s a massive put-off for doing pvp. And unless all the high level pvp’ers just like to steamroller less proficient players for easy wins, I don’t imagine it’s much fun for them either

you were pretty equal to the other teammates

Bronze life

and yet i have nobody seen talking about a big issue inside PvP…
DESYNC GRRRR. Especially when it happens when you use your spacebar… Nothing worse then seeing yourself getting stuck in a 5-10sec CC chain because of freaking desyncs.
Id rather paly with a broken MM as with this broken desync.
No its not my PC or my internet since ive noticed this on other ppl aswell.
When ever you start paying attention to those desyncs you cant unsee them and this is what hits me the most… id rather be in a bronze team vs plati+ ( cuz you are still able to carry this if played right ) then having desyncs at the worst possible timing ever.

You’re actually getting games?

I just get put in the Q over and over while people miss it. Somehow, Normal 3v3 that doesn’t matter always pops instantly though.

Prob cause people still play that for at least 5 games since the Una weekly to show up to 5 proving grounds gives greater leaps