PvP matchmaking is an utter joke

without the una and the mat vendor 100 people would play pvp. They did nothing to fix it for 4 months

They sorta did. I mean Scouter was OP in Korea and got nerfed. We just never noticed cause Amazon releases 1 class every 90 years.

that’s why i do deathmatch and roll on everyone, more fair that way :smiley:
(Cant be unbalanced when it’s a giant FFA)

Are you seriously complaining about having bronzies on ur team and being bronze yourself? Man, try facing a masters player when ur all bronze, that’s happened once or twice to me.

yes MM is an utter joke and smilegate should be ashamed of themselves.

Other games, who is heavily focus on PVP, have more fun than Lost Ark PvP.

Not just MM, it’s general. I dont give a cent on rank, just here to collect PVP-token and go off.
They should just implemented Arcade PVP like water arena or snow pong, its for all fair and fun.

I’m just impressed anyone’s actually getting into Ranked matches. I just get matchmaking failed over and over again until i commit seppuku on the steps of Vern Castle

That’s pretty common. I go only during Hot time on ranked, that seems work fine.
After hot time, many time MM search got failed.

there are not enough players what can you do?

it sucks but the pvp in the game is fun, it has its issues buts it kinda balanced compared to other games

they still need to emphasize pvp more, a game with such combat system should flourish with pvp, hope next month will bring some good changes

Likewise man. I’ve posted numerous times about this bug, been experiencing it since February this year. It can take up to 45 minutes for a single match to actually queue successfully, literally unplayable.

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