PVP Matchmaking system

when is the pvp Que system going to ever be fixed? you get a matchmaking failed returning you to the top of the que list, I get that like 15 times before I get a match. I was just wondering why such a simple thing can not be fixed in a orderly and timely fashion.

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Hello Paracozm, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

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Sorry to break it to you but AGS and Smilegate doesn’t give a flying fuck about minor fixes or changes. The only reason game feedback is here on the forums is to just have a game feedback on forums where they don’t do anything with the feedback suggested. As I’m typing this I’m currently in a 20 minute pvp queue match with over 20 matchmaking fails. Hell, even the community solves my problems faster than support LMAO.

It works fine for me I go in and get my 5 losses every week. Never had an issue with it other then it’s pvp and it has no place in the game.