PVP matchmaking timer is too long

I know, some of you dont even play pvp, but i really hate waiting every 2 minutes to find a match… Can’t there be another system like in other games? Or make the timer a bit lower… :confused:

In which game except LoL PvP machtes are under 2 min??

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no one is pvping… the pvp died after 1 month in this game lmfao

I’d love a 2 minute queue rather than “matchmaking failed” 50 times in a row. Screw them, I stopped even trying as they won’t even recognize their game is broken let alone fix it

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At the moment, pvp is a bit low in the player side. People also have been constantly complaining - and rightly so - about the matchmaking of the game, so developers have tried to balance it whilst making the queues longer as a resutl.
So it boils down to this: Either more players are needed spread out in pvp tiers and/or rankings and/or classes, or the matchmaking will be completely random, destroying everyone’s experience in the meantime.

Well, the solution gave us longer matchmaking and did not fix matchmaking… I have a rating of 1900 and i get matched with masters or even bronze players… Imagine a master player in bronze elo… It’s not balanced as it seems. So if the system takes longer, wouldn’t it match with players the same rank? I dont think its very long for 6 players ranked 1900 to get matched? :confused:

You can’t just update the system and tell it “matchmaking time: 5 seconds” such thing doesn’t exist. There is no feature in any game that straight up says how long making the match has to take.

Long times are coming from the fact that not many people are playing PvP, and even less of them are in your rating.

So how it works is you are starting to look for people to make a match, game places you in queue, checks how many people with what ratings are searching right now, if there is 6 people with ratings that are placed within matchmaking bracket of these ratings then it proceeds to group them and make a match.

Brackets are more or less working like this:

Let’s say that base for our rating is 500 (I know that values are different, but it’s just example) and jump to next rank is every 100.

Now based on amount of people engaging to PvP you can adjust matchmaking to look for people in certain values which are more further or closer together so you are placing ratings into brackets.

Bracket 1 100-399
Bracket 2 400-599 - we are here
Bracket 3 600-799

So when you are starting to look for match, it looks for players that are in values (ratings) between 400 and 599 (bracket 2) and are looking for match at the same time within your region.

It has found 3 people beside you and groups them together, but it’s not enough to start a match so you keep waiting for more people that may start searching for match. Because you are waiting for some time already, low player matchmaking is starting to kick in after certain amount of time, and it starts to look for more players from wider ratings.

Efect of such function is that you are no longer queued with people from your bracket, but you are also being placed in matchmaking process with people from brackets 1 and 3.

Now comes little bit harder part where there is 4 people, so in ideal world it has to find 2 people from bracket above and place them in both teams for balance, or from bracket below, which not always is possible. If there are no people in these 2 brackets to match, then after another period of time it looks for people in even wider ratings etc.

Matchmaking is just a loop, that constantly looks for people and tries to form matches based on these criteria, of course some games are using it differently, but in LoL after hitting certain rank, you will also going to wait for a long time, and playing with the same people over and over :slight_smile:

In your case you have most likely higher than average rating and possible at the time or days when you are playing there is less people to form matches with, so it takes more time to make such match. I guess that we’ll wait for some time for something that will remind people about pvp that is more than just a vendor becauise of amount of work with many issues and content that has to be published in our version of game.

I feel the pain. I get que after que cancelled by some doofus in the community who is afk or chooses to cancel just before a match start. It really kills the pvp experience for me aside from many other issues with pvp right now.