PvP Matchmaking

I mean yeah, you’re in bronze being paired with bronze ppl, most ppl in bronze are dipping their toes into pvp ranked for the first time in a game that has been out for only 2 months, relax, if you’re good you will rank up., couple losses here or there shouldn’t stop you from climbing.

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If it was Team Elimination, yes. Deathmatch? Literal Coinflip with this matchmaking.


Was 1450 now im 1240.

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It’s the same as MOBAs.

If you can’t carry, you’re not worthy.

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it’s about averages, that’s how ELO works, if you average out more wins than losses then that means you will climb, it’s why many ppl can consistently climb all sorts of team dependent esports.

I cant carry all by myself if the enemy teams decides I’m the threat. Cant Escape 3 people

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Then dont do PvP.

Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to belittle you. On the contrary, I am breaking that “blaming mentality” which is what will keep you back.

If you lose, it’s always your fault. You should have carried better. Keep saying this, dont focus on your teammates. Focus on the enemy and keep your eyes on the prize.

You will thank me later.

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Yeah, mate. I can carry myself.

Here’s true matchmaking for you. Literally my first ranked match.

@nitefox1337 Yeah, mate. I can carry these guys.

I, 1300 play vs 2k :slight_smile:

My teammates once again utter useless garbo.

Dang, was really hoping my name was up there.

Guess I could have carried this as well.

You can only worry about doing the best you can given your circumstances. It’s still early and people haven’t gotten to their actual MMR yet.

You can’t control other people, and there needs to be time before the MMR system becomes more accurate.

No, the system is actually retarded. I thought it’s just that we’re still new and I have to get better, but every single aspect of this system looks like it was designed by either someone who has absolutely no clue about PvP games or who did this on purpose to make people toxic.

Anyone playing PvP for anything other than clearing weekly mats is just wasting their time and talent when there are so many actual PvP games out there that have decent gameplay and ranked systems.

Okay - If you don’t see the similarities between the matchmaking in this game and others, I’d be wasting my breath trying to convince you otherwise.

All these “bad players” you’re getting on your team are on their way down. They need time to tank to their actual rating. You’re most likely going to get these people on your team if you’re within 100-200 rating of 1250. Just the way it is. It’s like this in every other game that has a matchmaking system.

As much as i agree with u its a bit weird. 1. we all have bad games and outing people with name and all pointing fingers at them for being bad etc isnt the way to go

ur outing everyones names with these screenshots that can have consequences like them having people whisper them making fun of them etc

There’s a difference between bad games and absolute garbage man. I mean 100k damage at the end? Literally less than another person’s HP? Thats not bad. Thats… Insane.