PvP MMR Change putting everyone to Silver

So what happens to people that got to Silver or Gold or higher if people are getting reset to Silver?

Pretty sure nothing changes for people that started doing ranked already.

If they were going to do something like add 250 MMR to everyone that has queued up till now I assume they’d say so.

Hope they give us +250 MMR. I was proud of my silver rank lmao

I think in the interest of fairness they should do that but it’s not mentioned and I’m generally pessimistic when it comes to not only AGS but Smilegate where PvP is concerned.

Placements give a lot more MMR than normal. Someone with a 60% W/R could likely reach 2300 in their first 100 matches if starting at 1500, vs everyone else that started at 1250. People making PvP alts in other regions would have an advantage.

I think amazon really needs to learn to communicate with their players… their update post regarding the animal skin box and event guardian has been the only update they truely put the time into providing all the details people want to know without just simply raise more question.

Doing a post like “Fixing rank” and nothing regards to people who has already start just going to leave everyone confused and this keeps on happening with every single patch note they do. Every notes they put out just raise up more questions from player base.

Yeah communication on their part is awful. A CM like Roxx may answer a question in some obscure thread on the forums and then decide that’s good enough. They should at the very least do weekly posts answering FAQ’s, or something else to make what they’re saying more visible when they do speak.

250 points is huge. Especially since you get 2x points in first 10 games, then you have bonus points until your first 100 games are played. Those sitting at GM have mostly more than 100 games played already. Now take someone new and let them start from 1500, if they win the same amount of games as a current GM, they will be 250 points ahead… for free… PLEASE boost everyone by 250 points. To put it into easier terms for those who dont understand. Someone who has played 100 games already and used up their bonus is making 10 points per win now (more or less). That means its a free 25 wins in a row basically that anyone restarting will have over current top ranks.

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