PVP MMR ranked, up & down movement explain pls?

Can anyone please tell me how much MMR you gain and lose per game please? I’ve been noticing the number keeps dropping. I thought 16 was it, but now it’s +14. Does anyone know? I can’t seem to find any resources anywhere explaining how this actually works. It would be nice to make it clear somewhere in the game! :slight_smile: Thanks!

probably standard mmr elo progression
Early fights (prob first 50-100matches) give you higher gain/lose.
After that the more you’re stuck in a certain bracket the more it will balance around it(mmr, not ranking). So potentially can drop to +10-10.
And the further you’re from the average and not too many games played the lower the lp gain for win/lose dependent if you’re above or below avrg mmr.

But yea dk how low the gain/loss can drop, maybe someone who played pvp only could chime in

Yeah what you’re saying does make sense! Appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile: Isn’t it strange that it’s not explained anywhere though? Surely, this is something that could be improved on! Would love to see if anyone knows the facts!

Albert is correct. The more you play, the less fluctuation per game you’ll have, as per Elo’s rating system

Eh, ya could probably just watch a video how League mmr works and be just as informed.
Maybe pick up one more from Apex and you’re good to go. (Since Apex one works very different from LoL), but this here will likely be closer to Leagues mmr design.
Just for the first year it’s gonna be quite messy due to huge influx of players and massive differences in skill.