PvP outdated matchmaking algorithm from 2 years ago?!

So Smilegate or Amazon explain me this please.

“derfischer” writes it’s an outdated version which seems to be proven for being bad.

Is this the truth? Does korea have a better matchmaking, than we do?

I can tell you one thing. I am not a bad PvP player and I never have felt so bad like I do now. I am f***ing stuck in Bronze. Win Lose Win Lose Win Lose - RAGE - lose lose lose lose.

Most time I carry my team but now I am this far down, that the I saw a player in the loading screen with 333k dmg per match in the last 5 games or so. And this is something special in this elo!!! WTF!?! I am not this bad goddamn but i can’t climb up!!!

Did anybody else hear from that??? How is this possible??? Why would they put in an outdated matchmaking algorith into NA?!?!!? Srsly I am raging like crazy since I don’t feel like this is normal how often I lose the 3vs3 matches and it’s ranked!!!

short answer, yes… it’s the outdated MMR system.

Yes, it got updated and changed because it was flawed, proven from data of years on RU/KR. Yes, there is huge bottleneck because of the flaw in system that players aren’t in the correct MMR due to the bottleneck.

There are players in bronze that can beat mirror matches in 1v1 TEM of top 200 “GM/Diamond” players…

this how normal system look + they gain more points per win and lose less for lose game

In beta we had those same point rankings but it was changed. I guess due to being on the old algorithm

Amazon need to lose more player like in new world and then maybe they make good changes

This is honestly the worst part of competitive. I don’t really find any class miles above the others once you learn how to play against them, but this outdated MMR system puts people of too wide a skill gap against each other.

they need to fix it asp or they will lose players