PVP players getting penalized by bad game design

TL:DR Game icon should flash on taskbar when you get matched.

Problem with arena is that it is f#cking annoying to wait in queue. Well not surprise in there as this is happening in everygame. But in Lost Ark it is extra stupid, because unlike from other games. In Lost Ark you can’t wait in queue while you do other activities. So you have to wait next to a signup board and watch screen doing nothing.

Fine, I’ll alt+tab. Now you are going to run another problem. The game will not flash on taskbar, like other games are when you get matched. So it is very easy to miss your matching. When you miss your matching, you are going to get locked out for 19 mins. So essentially people are getting penalized for bad UX design of the game.

FYI, you can literally queue for PvP ANYWHERE. There’s an icon under your minimap. You don’t have to wait there… just stay in same map I think.

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You would be correct, evilryce

Sometimes Spam G is a problem because you miss a lot of information. You can guardian,abyss,PvP from anywhere with the logo under the minimap