PvP Queue Bugs - Trying to PvE while in PvP Queue will Penalize you

You get restricted for 20 minutes for queuing for PvP if you “cancel” a queue.

You could accidentally/intentionally hit the queue button AND EVEN IF NO MATCH IS FOUND, if you hit cancel button AT ANY TIME after you start the queue, it penalizes you and counts as if you declined a match.

If you leave a map or to go to a different map or your stronghold while in queue that also counts as a “cancelled” match, and you are penalized for that as well.

Any instance that does not involve hitting the Accept button to start a match, after you enter PvP queue will count as a penalty. So it is impossible not to get penalized after you QUEUE for PvP if you decide to stop queue for a split second.

Even after 30 minutes of waiting in PvP queues and failed matching making error messages, if you stop queue to do a chaos dungeon or any other PvE content that makes the queue stop, you will get penalized.

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Hey there! I’m sorry this happened to you and I understand the frustration. I will pass this report along to the Development team!

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still bugged. Penalized for queueing PvP lol. Mainly PvE game but at least the very minimum just fix the PvP queue so people can play.

This has been happening forever. We’ve made countless posts… Please search so you can see just how bad it is. I gave up on ranked because I just get matchmaking failed over and over and over and over again. Then to have this happen on top of it is a kick in the junk so to say. Is this purposefully being ignored because there’s no ability or desire to fix it? I can’t come up with any other explanation