PvP Queue Penalty

Great system to lock people out of playing because we miss a queue by accident… Queues are long and you then keep the few players who want to play from actually queueing when they mistakenly forget to click accept because of alt tabbing. Guess no more pvp I was giving it a shot but no wonder everyone says to not do it. Now I’ll do the same and tell everyone I know not to play it if I’m asked… Since clearly management doesn’t want players playing it.

That’s how you kill a game mode. Keep the problems and people will tell each other to not touch your possibly good gamemodes because we can’t even play them.

Pathetic lmao…

learn to accept when it’s your turn, people like you are the reason i’m spending 20 mins outside queueing because of stupid people keep on queueing then cancel.

if you have something important to do, go fking do it instead of wasting my time. i’m spending 20 mins outside doing nothing just waiting on that window to pop up.