PvP removed super armor?

Hi. I would like to apologize in advance for my poor English. However, I will try to explain everything.
I often play pvp (team deathmatch). But in the past week, my level has dropped terribly. I was taking twice as much damage as I did in each game. I couldn’t run away from my opponents, they kept catching me.
I realize what a super armor is ( paralysis/push immunity ).
I noticed that during normal PvE game I have a super armor on the dexterous shot skill, on PvP I don’t have . Despite the fact that skill points are added identically.
I am sure that 2 weeks ago, when I read the skills, this super armor on PvP was. I also didn’t find any information about my class’s pvp debuff (gunslinger).
Now it’s so that during a dexterous shot even a cc push stops me. I reset book of coordination but it didn’t help.