PvP Rewards Need to be More Generous

Hello AGS/Smilegate:

As a player who PvPs for a majority of their time on the game, I have to admit that the rewards don’t justify playing these game modes extensively; requiring players to achieve high ranks or play on a regular basis/daily. I believe PvP would attract more players if the rewards were more generous in abundance of rewards (Auras’/costumes/pieces of outfits/ etc) as well as lowering the requirement to achieve these rewards. I don’t know about the player base as a whole, but for someone who does commit a little time to Item levelling (through Guardian Raids/Chaos Dungeons etc), I think the reward cap doesn’t justify the points spent on the abysmally low amount of reagents towards item levelling. I believe that the requirements for the seasonal cosmetics and items are far too high. My bottom line? I believe the reward system could use some more love and attention for PvP. Rewards need to be modified to consider that there are those who may only have upwards of 14hrs minimum to commit to the game a week (if they can even commit that many hours that is…). This will create a better sense of respect towards players who tend to only PvP; who like anyone else need to deal with life commitments like their job, family, friends, and associates which consume much of their day like anyone elses’.

For your consideration.


Gilmagnus [Heroic Founder] of server Azena

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Supreme 6/7 here - I typically have to play until about 5500 tier points just to hit above maintenance and not decay. That puts me at about 60-70 games a week that I play PvP and with that I can buy: all the honing boosting mats and maybe two/three tiers of Greater Leapstones OR buy the guardian/destruction/leapstones but no honing boosting mats. If you hit a new tier and it opens up a new tier of items you can purchase, how come I can’t even get remotely close to buying out at least the honing materials? I don’t want enough to buy silver, xp potions, honing mats and such, but enough to just buy the honing materials that directly affect your character progression would be nice.

Either give more coins for the different levels or increase how many you get from playing - I agree the amount of resources you can purchase for the effort you put into playing PvP doesn’t match.

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I hate pvp… for the most part, but mats from pvp vendor are too good to miss out.

Playing 15 games (3 Weeklies on 3 different characters) during Fever Time and doing Adventure PvP islands each week nets me about 6k rating… I think the sweet spot is Supreme 6.

This is the best time spent method if you want to get a decent amount of mats without dumping HOURS into it.

Doing GVG which is ~80 minutes also gives you like 3k points, plus you get a bunch of bloodstones and guild contribution, and extra stuff if your guild places well.

And that’s cool, I’m glad there are even more ways for people to get pvp tier rating but I’m talking specifically just playing matches at the end of the night after my dailies and stuff are done, nobody is on and there’s really nothing else left to do.

If I’m on during fever time, that’s great it’s that much less I have to do. But my time to play doesn’t typically fall in those hours, so again my only way to gain tier is play matches. But I wouldn’t do 14 hours of it… I’m happy to stay 6/7 LOL

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Also, I believe the exchange rates for the silver are insane, which needs changes.