PvP Rewards tailored to PvE is deflating

There’s currently a datamined reward structure being circulated within the PvP community showing the rewards coming for the Coins of Courage. And to say it’s disappointing is quite the understatement. I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by RU/KR players - so this isn’t quite the shock it will be to new players - but it doesn’t change the fact that PvP players aren’t rewarded for their time spent - it’s infact the opposite, you’re rewarded with PvE materials.

Now - before someone comes in and mentioned PvP being a minority… I know. Before someone comes along and says the reward in PvP should be winning and climbing the ladder - I agree. But this doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be additional things to look forward to whilst spending hours upon hours inside the Proving Grounds.

Currently as it stands we are headed towards getting honing materials, two titles and two mounts from the PvP vendor. Along with some other misc stuff like silver.

The ironic thing coming from this - is the titles and the mounts can’t even be used inside the Proving Grounds. Which leaves the only tangible reward for the PvP currency, for PvP focused players, is Silver - something which we actually need to keep on top of because we’re forced to use Awakening Stones in every match.

Look, I’m not asking you to do a 180 and turn your focus towards PvP in Lost Ark - I think everyone has already concluded that it’s not the focus for Smilegate (right now) - and we’ve made peace with it. But sometimes dangling a carrot at the end of the stick can make the grind feel even better. Ranked coming out is going to be great - it’s going to give people something to work towards. But please, give us some alternatives to pushing ranks too.



What do you actually want as rewards lol? titles mounts and honing materials sounds good to me… though i wouldnt sneeze at the potential of skins.


I’m so confused rn lol, what kind of rewards where u thinking u would gain ? xd

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Skins? Emotes? Titles that are actually enabled in the arena? Poses for victory / intro screen?

I’m not saying I want XYZ because that just looks like someone who’s asking for something instead of trying to make a point. But there’s a lot of things that could be implemented to be PvP exclusive.

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I think the skins etc was the end of season rewards? trading pvp tokens for honing materials sounds pretty legit to me wasnt expecting anything else


If they add a good amount of skins I’ll never complain at the end of the day pvp players just want to flex a lil bit

The honing materials are nice too tho

Literally love the pve rewards because I don’t want to farm dungeons and can pvp now and get my gear up. This to me seems amazing


I dont understand where that “pvp players want to flex” comes from … The mats are very good reward because it allows you to progress your character with doing pvp instead of only pve. So you can focus more on the content you enjoy instead of being forced only to the one which you dont. The flex mindset is very very wrong mindset in my opinion. Also in my opinion gameplay is much more important than any rewards , if the gameplay is bad no matter what kind of rewards are there it wont last long.

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As a PvP-only player myself (so i only do PvP) getting things pieces of skins or even emotes or auras with the mindset: “You gotta farm “X” amount of games to get “Y” item” , is preferred instead of getting honing materials cuz there are people who dont give a f about pve, we are a couple, i understand that but yeah… It would be cool to feel rewarded by doing pvp in a way that doesnt involve PvE rewards

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I totally agree that pvp specific cosmetics would be awesome, but there should be the pve rewards too, because most of the people which are playing mmos are doing it to play different contents not only one. Mmos are not the best neither in pve nor pvp, but what makes mmo fun is that you have all types of the content avaliable for you so you can do what ever content you like in same virtual world. Atleast thats my opinion.

yeah leave pve rewards and add PvP-special rewards that u have to grind arenas for

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Sounds good


And this

Yeah, being able to show off you placed really high on the leaderboards should be the reward.

It’s PvP, skill should be rewarded, not mindless grinding. Top 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% rewards based on how long the season is. With proper matchmaking based on skill.

You get skins and aurus depending on your end of season rank

PvP NPC have Daily/Weekly limits like almost every NPC in this game. This give people the opportunity to at least get some materials needed to Honing. People who don’t like PvE at all. The amount of materials aren’t very large, so I don’t think that’s any advantage over PvE players. Besides, as you know PvP in this game is based on Player Skill. You don’t lose anything after losing PvP, so anyone can get those materials, they just need to do PVP Activities. Like we need to do PvE.

I think some replies in here have missed the point. I’m not saying I hate the PvE rewards being available from PvP. But it’s apparent that once you’ve earned the limited amount of PvP rewards from the shop - titles and mounts, unusable in PvP - which will take a day of playing PvP (based on me earning 6000 coins / 12 hours yesterday and the leak showing 12,000~ for PvP rewards) the only thing that is left is the weekly resetting PvE rewards.

For those who do both, PvE rewards are great - I’m happy it’s an option. But there isn’t enough options for PvP specific rewards as it stands and that’s the point I’m trying to make. You can grind PvP for PvE rewards - but there’s nothing to grind for as a PvP reward besides rank.


Yes that’s true. That’s why Golden River told he want to Rebalance-Revamp a lil bit PvP in Korea this year. You can read about it in Devs Letter Roadmap for 2022. We need to be patient, we need to wait.

Yep heard about this and it’s something I’m looking forward too - especially with the Royal Roaders doing pretty well also. There’s a lot of changes coming to KR this year so I agree waiting is an option but it’s always good to voice an opinion imho as long as it provokes a constructive conversation.

Well yes the experience has to be engaging an rewarding but remember

The whole reason behind pvp is to test your skills against other players
Proving that you’re better (if you’re into the ranked grind)

So yeah people who are pvp focused will want cosmetics to show off

Makes sense to me