PVP Season Ending Notification Unfair

I’ve been playing pvp since the game first came out. I’m sure there have been weeks where every player could not gain pvp tier points due to holidays, family visits, etc. some weeks, but as I go up in rank, I took extra care to play pvp to rise especially after supreme 6 and at the end of this week I will be supreme 9.

But the announcement that the next pvp season will start has come and there is no way I can go to “Extreme” until September 7th.

Don’t you think this is unfair? Okay, on the other side of the coin are the players who deal with maintenance costs and try to maintain their level. However, the notification period had to be done much earlier so that the players could adjust accordingly. Let them shift their focus. It is very sad that you suddenly announced that we are ending the season after 2 weeks. I’m sure a lot of players will be stuck in supreme 9 and won’t win any of the awards worth mentioning. Our only motivation was to get the Extreme tier mount and there isn’t enough time.

However, if the end date of the season was announced at least 1-2 months in advance, people could better adjust their programs accordingly.


I completely agree with you. 2 weeks notice on a system that require at least a month of grind to see real progress in your rank is not funny to me.

We know you don’t care about PVP. But at least show some respect AGS.

Ps : Im supreme 9


i agree

P.S. also Supreme 9


I hope they fix ranked matchmaking this is a joke … most popular mmo where you cant play ranked pvp what a shame… indie company

also increase the rewards for pvp, they are very expansive and not worth the time invested