PvP sorrcer problem

Hi im pld player since lunch time , i played more then 1000 pvp games (3v3) and so far everything looks good with one BIG EXEPTION ( sorrcer) In my humble opinion this class is boosted to the sky ,why is that ?:
sorcerer ranged dps :
Big dmg
good moblity
perma cc
no cooldowns (they can spam 24/7 and zone ur team all time)
and Cherry on top awakening skill with massive dmg with out any chance to escape because when u use dash skill its pulls u back.
Any nerfs soon ?


developers in there blog on twitter said there going to nerf them a bit. so hope your happy?

if that true im happy :slight_smile:

If you are struggling against Sorcerers the problem is you. Learn to play, instead of being a cry baby.


+1 each class has his weaknesses. I play sorc and I love perma ccing players, but I’d tell you sorc has only 1 high damaging ability which is Punishing Strike, you lose much by taking casting skills. The other thing is, if 2 players focus on sorc, sorc has no life. Just learn to play teamfights and declare what you want to focus, run after Gunlancer with 10% life or 100% life sorc. Because I would switch focus anytime sorc spawns :slight_smile:

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Was that the only balance change? Also do you have link to the blog post so I know where to look for future updates? Thanks

I can tell you no PVP has ever survived very long when one class or more have PERMA CC.

Sorry but to perma CC someone equates no skill and broken mechanic in my book.

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Play a sorc a bit then start talking about skill. Sorc actually requires skills, if you miss a starter you are dead, end of story. As you complain on sorceress I will complain on berserkers and soulfists as they keep sorc in air/ground for an hour. Do I cry on forums about that? No, I try to learn different strategies against them.


there is no strategies vs sorc because they spam 24/7 and this main reason why smile gate announce they will take care of this class


Kinda funny that they “will take care of this class” meanwhile it’s been fine in Korea and Russia for years…It gets to us and the whiny baby snowflakes get it nerfed in a couple weeks. Sad, just sad.


IN my opinion this class need to get nerf its way over boosted in 3vs3 compare to reset

The problem is you

How do you manage to get caught by a soulfist as Sorc?, seems like a skill issue

Soulfist are one of the easier classes to avoid because of how telegraphed they are

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Yes skill issue, soulfists are so uncommon that I haven’t learnt their skills yet. So I have no idea how to counter them once I get caught

i think his issue is more in 1v1, in 3v3 tho when you proc 2 sorc one pala it becomes realy realy unplayable

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any class focused by 2 ppl will get owned, sorc is really strong, the balance its actually in her lack of push inmunity not on the fact that 2 ppl can kill 1 sorc that is a really bad argument for balance since any class can be 2v1’ed to death, the class that i think really annoys me is deathblade, the ammount of push inmunity is retarded

So you want us to be a class, which in itself, does not have a shield, or any kind of ability that gives us immunity to CC. And that we also have mediocre damage, with PVP skills that focus on hitting the enemy, and that some of them are slow to cast. And what’s more, we can’t use our dash in PVP?

Let me tell you, then the paladin should have his shield removed, the bard shouldn’t have to heal in PVP and above all, the demon hunter shouldn’t have to kill you with an ability.

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It’s not our fault, that you don’t know how to dodge a beam that gives you 1.5 seconds to dodge, that you don’t know how to dash to dodge our lava stream. Every mage has always had good damage and crowd control, but at its cost, you have a class that where you get hit, you’re doomed to die.

You throw around “perma CC” like that’s an actually thing. I’ve mained Sorc. on other regions and on our version. I’ve also mained a blade to play against the Sorc.- if you keep face planting into the Sorc, of course you’re going to get CC’d and eventually be killed. But if you side step, dodge roll, use your SA against that and keep rushing them, eventually the Sorc. will run out of those ability’s long enough for you to catch them and make a play for your team.

But if you just ignore the Sorc. and let that person free cast the entire time, then yes. The Sorc. Will ramp up and you’ll never catch him unless he makes a mistake.

Like others have said, if the Sorc. misses an engage and doesn’t land abilities then they’re useless and their sole purpose and role in PvP is generally to control the battlefield through CC and medium damage to let his team finish off. Not to say the Sorc. can’t dish it out because they can, but generally you’re engaging and making space for your team.

I doubt you have 1000 games and still come here to complain about Sorc. or any class for that matter. If you do have that many hours and games in PvP then you’re capacity to learn and make adjustments is lacking.

It comes down to learning everything about classes and learning their abilities and what they do. Even if you don’t know exact terminology, make it up for yourself to remember. “Big purple thingy from X class”

I doubt we will see actual ‘nerfs’ because the class lacks so much compared to other classes in terms of PvP. Meanwhile, blade has nearly no weaknesses and we dish out tons of damage and pinpoint CC that literally can control the entire enemy team.

But Sorc. is the problem right?

Just wait until Arcana, Lance Master, and Destroyer are released. I bet everyone will cry about those classes, too.


stop repeating this that people need l2p. Matches vs 2 sorcers are unplayble for any mele and you know it You are sorcer main right?