PVP Store bugged?

I am currently Ultra 1 in PVP but cannot buy any of the items, honing gear, and/or mounts??

Anyone else have this issue??


Hey, Ghostballoon!

Unfortunate that you cannot use the PvP store :confused: . I’m moving this thread to the support section so our technical support experts can help you with this.

Have you tried relogging? I encountered a similar issue but when I switched characters, I was able to access the Ultra 1 goods in the store. Might take a bit to update or a relog is suffice

Hello there @Ghostballoon, I hope you are doing well!

I wanted to check in with you to see if you are still having issues with the store and if you were able to follow @Fabbychama’s advice?

Or if you have tried any other troubleshooting?

I will be waiting on your response! :smiley:


If you hit Ultra 1 this week, you need to wait until next week to buy anything. It still counts you as the old rank until reset. If this isn’t the issue, don’t know.

I am still having issues. I can buy honing materials now, but the mounts and other items I cannot. Some people are saying it won’t work until the weekly reset??? Thanks for the helping out!

Hmm, I will look further into it and gather more information! I will update you as soon as I can and you please keep me posted with any relevant changes!

@glorfunmad Thank you for your input, I appreciate you help! :smiley: