Pvp store is a joke

The pvp shop really joke, if I get it right you need to be top 5 to get stuff. I reach platinum and I can buy mats for t1 and t2 and really low mats, balance this please

You don’t need to be top 5, you just need to play it consistently. Not even ranked either, any PvP will give you XP towards it.
Even being in the top 50%, which is a lot easier than it sounds, you’ll have a decent growth rate.

Fow 3 weeks i am in 3-th limit with playing mostly in fever time. Not more then 100 games. Every week i go further, next resets for example i should be 4th limits and i will have access to double T3 mats. That’s how this system work. If you play enough every week you will go up.

Yeah, it’s honestly surprising how few people apparently play more than a couple PvP matches. I basically just tried doing some matches last night to at least preserve my XP count, and imagine my surprise when I was in top 50% with only like 2.7k points.

PVP is frustrating more then fun most of the time, either to the person you are juggling around in a forever stunlock, or the stunlock you are forever stuck in.

While there are lots of ways to mitigate this, the average player queueing up for the 5 PVP matches weekly following some guide on Maxroll are not having a fun time, and as such choose not to pvp more than necessary. Especially with how bad match making is, nothing like tossing a Grade 20 first timer in with someone who’s been farming for weeks.

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Oh so it’s like lvls? If I play more pvp I wil be able to get the stuff from the pvp shop no matter what is my rank?

Yeah, specifically it’s the level like “Tier X/Xth Limit”, MMR doesn’t factor into it. All PvP matches give a specific amount of points depending on win/loss (so losing matches still helps advance you) and you get XP based on your point total relative to everyone else.

As long as you meet that requirement, you can purchase whatever. Only the highest levels near Extreme actually have punishing weekly XP requirements.

Ok ok I so I miss understand how it’s work I was sure it’s about your Eli or rank, thanks alot mate

That’s why they need to add premade at rank, and maybe ppl need to start join to voice chat

The very last thing I will ever do is enable team VoIP entering into a public matchmaking system. Trying to get random players into a discord while the match is loading also isn’t going to happen.

This has historically never ended well, unless you like Spanish Christmas music and 12 year old screaming in your ear the moment the match starts.

Ranked premade would be fine, since your premade is on discord anyway.

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Yeap, even only 1 friend and not 3 to not make “meta” or something like that, any way they need more to fix, hope we will see premade in rank, thanks all for your comments and help

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PvP ranked class doesn’t matter. It’s your class rank which let you unlock limit 2, 4, 6 and 8 and redeem more lines of mats.

PvP rewards are really good once you hit limit 8. I hit limit 4 this week and it’s really a nice boost to your character. I got 2400g worth on only solar mats :rofl: