PvP suggestions

  1. Changing the way PvP is implemented in the game, creating links with PvE while keeping the equalized system in arena

  2. Rewards should be changed (Weekly gold rewards would be nice) like :
    Each week :

  • If you are top 1 in ranked: 25k golds
  • Top 2: 20k golds
  • Top 3: 15k golds
  • Top 4-10 : 10k golds
  • Top 11-30: 5k golds
  • Master: 2k5
  • Diam: 1k5
  • Plat: 500
  1. Improving the Matchmaking system :
  • Double supports in one team vs no support shouldn’t happened
  • Gap max between players should be changed, 900 mmr is too huge
  1. Changing the Decay system : You only have to play one game each 2 weeks to keep your rank, and even if you don’t play, you only lose 20 pts per week which is very little.

  2. Creating tutorial quests explaining the mechanics CC/FOV, the learning curve is too harsh

  3. Changing the first 100 games of placement, losing your first games feels like your account is doomed, while winning the first ones could give you an mmr you don’t deserve, starting in silver at 1500 mmr is too high.

  4. Adjusting the damage system, classes are doing too much damage, taking -70% in one combo isn’t funny

  5. Adding a mute function for message from players of different servers and in-game pings

  6. Improving the in-game report system: reports for hard toxicity/inting/afk feel useless, players aren’t sanctionned for their bad behaviour

  7. Game modes:

  • The coop mode should be a GvG one (equalized)
  • Creating a 3v3 ranked premade mode with time limitation could be interesting or a Clash system like League
  • Free for all is a useless mode which could be more developped ,for example, by adding special maps/objectives
  1. The balance between classes could be better, balance patches should happen more often

  2. Having acess to more data like match history

  3. Creating official tournaments


Yes yes and yes please. Great post very well worded. I hope someone will lay an eye on it

Why only for 3v3?
Make something for 1v1!!!

1v1 ranked mode without Ultis and small arena!!!
its more balanced because of some little broken classes!!!

I support this overall, maybe not in every detail, but most important for me is competetive mode that we can play in a premade. It solves a lot of problems on it’s own, and it’s a team deathmatch and we cannot go in with a team. bonkers.

now you go implement all this

Nice suggestions… pvp need more rewards.

Yeah absolutely needs to incentivise people a bit to play ranked.

Currently pvp queue time is very good on non-competitive, but abyssmal for ranked…the lack of players in ranked is making the matchmaking very…non-optimal too.

Another point is that, playing non-competitive is fun but lacks real progression(the badges are kind of a grind after a while), it can’t keep people for too long.

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There should be a rise in rank possible apart from the team win in single-q.

Maybe a number according to field rating, “if” the field rating is also balanced for supports in the future, i.e. landed hit stuns from bards, healings or whatever. should be equaly accounted for.

So better players have the opportunitiy to rise by contribution to their team.

Which would grow the number of better players and reduce the waiting time when q-ing as the base of players would be bigger in the future, also in higher ranks.

Its also more motivating to do single-q as a loss will not curb that motivation if the overall performance has been good and might reduce flaming in chat.

Edit: Hope non wrote that already.

2.Smurf thing shouldnt be there if u suggest kind a system.
4.It’s already bad 2 week decay if u are at top 200 decay should be 2 day not 2 week so ı agree with that kind a system especialy for top 200 whos just afk not even trying to play after climb…

It’s too late for most people who felt cheated out on this system. They knowingly left an outdated poorly designed MMR system in the game for the entirety of Season 1, with rewards attached to it. Personally I’m kind of done with the game for now, being that I’m not really into progression raiding and mostly got into the game for PvP and sideways content.