PvP System ultimate truth

If the pvp system is so bad and unskilled, why do proplayers get 80+% wr on their journey to grandmaster?

Stop crying, unbalanced games will happen, but what matters is the long run and the % of games that depend on YOUR performance in order to win. Record your games, watch replay on the closest games and the hardest loses and IMPROVE.

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im 2165 mmr and u miss massive f point those ppl come here from rus/kor they played lost ark 2-3 years stop compare normal players to those ppl


We’re also playing with an extremely outdated MMR system for god knows why when it failed in KR/RU and had to be changed.

Nice deflection. Stop punishing players and matching them up with players who overextend and contribute 4 deaths a game. I shouldn’t have to carry every single game to climb in a team based game.

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That’s thy it proves it’s balanced, that’s why I’m master on league and I can rush accounts to master on 1 month while normal players wouldn’t maybe ever touch the rank in their lifes.

If you improve, you will climb elo, so it’s balanced.

If it’d be unbalanced they wouldn’t be able to get those winrates, it’s common sense that everyone complaining is missing.

It got changed because people felt bad about getting stuck on bronze so they made the ranks softer, the mmr itself it’s the same, you can actually look at your current MMR and compare you with what u’d be on new system, it’s the same.

dude im master tier shen otp in league 201 lp and this system in lost ark compare to league is dog shit trash garbage ,imagine games in league of legend when ur team have silver players and enemy 3x grandmaster XD

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You must not play League then if you think it isn’t your job to hard carry 2-4 others in a majority of your matches :joy:

Should I bring up screenshots of season 7 getting matched vs challengers while being master 200lp?

Those games aren’t 100% of the games, those are isolated games, over a game where you play 15 games an hour, it’s stupid to cry about that.

my points is u think this fair to put ppl from silver vs GM/CHALLENGER PLAYERS??

I’ve played league for over a decade. At least the amount gained and lost from winning and losing is balanced.

They’re GM because they know how to abuse their classes. 85% win rate on a DB, what a shocker

Also in league if your mmr is postivie like 50% win ratio+ u gain more points for win and u lose less for lose , to make this clear for u:
1Wrong comp system
2unbalanced match making
3 trash point system
4 trash respawn point
5 wrong mmr gap

PvP literally only exists so F2P can point and say “look not P2W game!!!” and have something to distract them from the fact that progression is ass.

1 true, a support should be forced by definition on every team
2 is not as bad as you guys say isolated games aren’t enough sample
3 winning same than losing is actually fair, rather that than my lp gain on league master of +12 -24
4 respawn point as a complain? xd
5 mmr gap shouldnt matter to you, you should focus on improve if you want to play pvp

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Actually with League the more games you play in the season the more your LP gains become less and less until you eventually will begin losing more LP in losses than wins (usually at about the 800-1000 game mark).

3v3 solo queue for a game with no gearing requirements seems pretty typical in the meta verse of PvP.

Points are based off wins and if you got an ace - it rewards good play more than bad play.

Could care less about what ranks look like 2 weeks after launch of competitive pvp - sounds like you either want a different type of pvp such as objective based or you had some unrealistic expectation of what you were going to get. You not look at the plethora of videos from the other servers about what pvp is like?

Try posting something constructive instead of “this is shit, whine whine whine”. You post a screenshot saying you want easier ladders from the looks of it since on our live servers our silver bracket is a higher MMR than on the KR server. You want an easier time out of bronze? Is that your complaint? Is your only complaint the few matches you’ve seen of high ranked players going against low ranked ones?

im 2165 mmr pld main plus on my smurf acc lvl 26 2000mmr 66^ win rartio and i belive thsi sytem is f trash


How many people are going to be willing to commit to the thousands of games it will take the average pvper to “settle into” their “correct” mmr though?

I’ve been floating between 1250-1450 for 4 days now. Sure, some of those games I played poorly, but most of them I had solid damage done/taken, more kills/assists than deaths, good peeling/enemy disruption and did everything I could to play as a team.

After ~100 matches my win rate is 45%. Bronze is a shit show and very few of the matches feel like losses because we were just outplayed. Most of them just feel like they were doomed before the match even started.

yeah yeah, I know, ‘git gud scrub’

so playing against 2 support 6 matches in a row is fair? your post is so fucking irrelevant lol