Pvp tier list - how things are looking like right now?

Soooo, im coming back to the game… how does the pvp tier list looks like right now? which classes are considered as the strongest?

Here you got actual pvp tier lists made by Starlast, last update from 14 february 2023

who cares about pvp in this game bro u joking right
its cimpletly unbalanced nobody plays it

Thats that you and your guild friends are probably bad, no matter that pvp is unbalanced and noone play this mode. BTW pvp in euc is fine and pleanty of ppls play this mode. If you dislike… thats your opinion, go collect mokoko or repetive computer patterns in raids, do your daily or whatever you want. But dont flame pvp balance if you have no idea what you are talking about, cause balance is ofc not perfect but decent. The problem is in mm.

Still dont know why ppl rate glaviers so low. Glavier is legit very very strong and versitale… Yes it is basically less op DB but maybe there will be time when they delete db from pvp and Glaviers will have thier cake…

interesting gunlancer appear more than once in the low tier list lol