PVP Tier Rank : Normal Rank Reset?

I started to play a few weeks ago PvP and wanted to reach the Goal Supreme 7 for the Relic Equipment. I grinded alot and last week i was around 210k XP and Supreme 6. I didnt really notice the Information that the Season ends and that this means, i cant earn Tier Points anymore.

I wanted to know, if my current PvP Tier Rank Supreme 6 will be really reseted to Ultra 1 and my whole Grind and time that i spend in is completly wasted or if i keep it for the next Season and can finish it smoothly .

I apologize if this informaition is already given somewhere but i need to know if this is true.

please help and kindly regards

Yes, it was a “waste” if you didn’t get Supreme 7, i also ended at Supreme 6.

It seems you can’t get more Tier Rank neither lose it until the next Season and it will reset to Ultra 1 when the new season start if your Tier Rank is above that.

The sad thing is that it seems we won’t get that weekly coins accordly with our tier, so it will limit a lot on what we can buy until the new season start where we have no idea when, also we wil lose all coins with the new season start.

Thanks alot for your answer.

and … god damn it . That is really frustrating . I dont have the time for that ( in my opinion ) boring PVP System and grinding . I really took my time to do it but now its all gone. Due to that Season Ending i think its way more clear that there are so many difficulties. You already made it clear … It should be added strict Ingame Communication information that we can cleary see, when its over and what happens with the ending .

Also i dont understand they “reset” the normal pvp mode. That doesnt make any sense. We have the Maintenance XP lose that will hold the balance . It only makes sense in Ranked System ( like hard or soft reset ) . But thats not a bother for this post anymore.

Thanks again and have a great day guys.