Pvp tier xp not increasing issue

Hey guys,
I’ve gotten this problem where I’ve done 35+ matches this week, but my weekly xp isnt moving atm all…

Am I doing something wrong?


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it depend of your rank on the server you’re playing , so you’ll need waaaaaay more games to get more exp especially if you’re in a huge server.
exemple i’m n°2 on petrania i’m top 2% cuz there’s ± 120player in our server ladder atm.
since i’m in top 1-3% i’ll get 53k pvp xp

you can check your weekly rank by clicking on the rank button top right , it update every hour or so.

to be in the top 10% you usually need around 30k points in populated server.

Ohhh ok, dam lol…
I think I really need to play a dps toon to get more points…

doesnt work like that its games played. not off battlescore.

i’ve played over 35 matches tho…
been doing samiliar amount every week before n never had xp not moving up problem in past weeks…

msg support.

it’s indeed easier as DPS since you get more weekly point when you get the MVP.
also don’t forget to do a lot of pvp during the happy hour on saturday/sunday as it give x2 points.

Dude, read the tooltips ingame, takes less effort than creating a post and having convoluted discussions about it.

you get points per game depending on win or lose. Those points move you up a ladder. Depending on where you are in that ladder, you get XP.

It’s a bug, check your Total tab and see if your rank moves up or down, if it doesn’t then it’s bugged like me. Open a ticket with support, every game changes your ranking position for the week.

I have this same problem this week.

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Dude. read what I said 1st aye?

Appearently lots of ppl r having this bug this week…

Btw… where do we open tickets with support?

Known Issues - Support | Amazon Games

on the bottom of the list there’s contact us then select live chat, i put in Other for the category

Good news is that looks like it’s a UI visual bug as I still got my points, but it sucks since you cannot see it update to see what percentile you are at.

I did read it, you say you did 35+ matches and xp isnt moving, that doesnt really say much except that you dont seem to understand the system. So I said read the tooltips, and then gave you a basic explanation. What more do you want.

You didn’t understand him at all, it’s already confirmed a bug. The xp and rank moves regardless as long you do matches, how much you gain does depending on the percentile, but when you don’t see it move after several matches then that’s a bug especially when you’re the bottom of the percentile as those are weekly resets. The ranking will always move up or down, it was stuck last week for players.

Dude, you’re completely wrong. His experience is bugged. I’m supreme 4. I’ve had this bug. Thanks for replying to this dudes post and not even responding to what he posted. He wasn’t asking if you get experience whether you win or lose.

This is such a common issue with these forums.


Did you end up fixing this? I’m getting the same issue now and I’m gonna lose a tier if this is not fixed this week.

Same issue here now, did you find a fix or was it just a visual bug?

Where do you show on the ranking list? Top right hand corner of the rank list should show your XP gains, current rank, and a green or red arrow. Do you see anything different there?
I just finished grinding out extreme, and that thing is pretty slow to update sometimes.