PVP Vendor rewards overpriced to a factor of 10?

Hey @Roxx if you could clarify this that would be awesome.

The “Platinum coin” PvP vendor reward currently costs a whopping 5,000 PVP Tokens per coin. Basically 5000 pvp coins to 20,000 silver. There’s no way this is intentional as 5000 pvp tokens takes hours and hours to grind, and a lot of players are in dire need of silver. If y’all could fix the number that would be awesome! Just reply and let me know to confirm this is a bug if possible :slight_smile:

I just spent a good 7 hours getting to tier 1 to get the mats … yeah its a scam … you gotta keep playing and doing pvp. I hate pvp but I wanted those mats … getting to tier 1 isnt enough you then have to rank up in pvp over another30+ battles … how about dont put that you must be tier 1 to purchase cause I got to tier 1 and then im told i have to be above 400th or some crap i dunno what the guy was saying i stopped giving a damn after the part where I just wasted 7 hours doin something I cant stand.

You need to get to tier 1 to get initial mats - if you still cant get them then relog and they should be available. The other mats require you to be of a rank 1st limit and higher - those are based on xp that is assigned to players once a week - this requires an insane grind if you want to get it on 2nd pvp week, realisticly maybe 1% of pvpers will be able to get 1st limit reward after first week.

For silver coins - i think this is indeed overpriced. I though its a typo and i even bought 1 coin (for science) and can confirm that it costed 5k coins, and price stays the same.

@Roxx can you please reply to this, many players are extremely gated by silver so this is a bigger deal than it seems. I know you’re busy but a quick comment would be awesome :slight_smile: