PVP-- Why is it neglected?

One of the things that attracted me about this game was its pvp scene. As an avid gamer, I have always enjoyed pvp as an activity, and with experience from fps games like csgo to mobas like League of Legends and mmo pvp in games like World of Warcraft or Black Desert. But the thing that attracted me about lost ark was the balance. Gear not mattering, as well as very low barrier to entry (lvl 26 to queue up, excluding some transform abilities you dont get till you hit the lvl reqs) are big wins for this game in terms of pvp in the mmo industry.

My issues are this:

  1. MMR bug in matchmaking still existing yet being known about for weeks (Lin-o posted about it a while ago and literally showed how it happens)
  2. No pvp rewards at all currently, when there is 2 separate systems in lost ark pvp on established servers, the weekly pvp exp gains based on points each week which reward tokens for mats and cosmetics, as well as the rank system which gives end of season reward boxes.

Listen, I can understand not having ranked pvp for a bit to have newer players get a chance to learn before just hopping into ranked, but you can’t even do ranked until lvl 50 anyway, and its not like once ranked happens normal pvp dies out. You still get rewards and the weekly point system from normal games.
But there is absolutely no reason we shouldn’t have the weekly pvp point system with the pvp currency vendors.

In short, Give us a reason to pvp please… right now with the combination of the hidden mmr resetting every time you log in so your first couple games are likely to be against newer players, (which end up being a terrible experience for the veterans and newer players alike) and the fact there aren’t any rewards at all for pvp arena activity it is truly worthless as an activity in a mmo game. Pvp in an MMO is about being able to show off your rank, your cosmetic rewards, and your clutch victories against fairly matched opponents. Not having any of these make pvp a much worse experience.

PS: I get it, there are more important things that more of the population care about, but neglecting pvp is not fun for those who want to play this aspect of the game. Many of my friends love pvp as an activity, and it’s huge in western audience. The biggest games are pvp games, including fps ones, so neglecting this side of the game is really just a missed opportunity.
Sorry for the rant, and thank you for reading.

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You forgot the most important purpose of pvp: to harass people on islands who are trying to quest


Wouldn’t say it’s neglected. It is coming, probably be a few months though sadly.

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Because most people hate PVP, especially if it interferes with PVE game play. Like these Islands do. PVP only belongs in PVP only areas where there is nothing a PVE player needs.

It is not huge in western areas unless its a PVP only game. In MMORPG type games it is highly frowned upon if its in PVE parts of the game.


I’m okay with them keeping the focus for pvp in the arena, where you queue up for ranked if you enjoy it and normals to get your pve mats from unas weekly. It’s just right now for those who enjoy pvp the rewards are severly lacking, you essentially get 10 games per week which progress your character, in a very minimal way, that being the vertical progression of a few extra bonus mats weekly. I can agree from a pve players perspective Island pvp is annoying, for sure, especially due to the fact it being “necessary” for completionist content like island hearts and other collectibles. But pvp right now has no ranking system, no cosmetic rewards, and only the tiniest sliver of content per week for progression purposes. 10 games for 2 unas weeklies ends up taking about 2 hrs tops, and some of the pvp enjoyers (players who queue league of legends or apex legends or csgo) can easily do 2 hrs per day of pvp without getting bored.

I believe once we get a lot of the current issues handled and the roadmap released for NA EU we will see a lot of things coming. We are missing a lot of PvP things from the Vendor to the Ranked. At the end of last year Rowan came out in KR and that is the entire PvP and GvG continent. They also did a few PvP changes and some of them we got like the 1k stats only and camera fixes. I believe we should be getting it within a few months as the Developer has stated even characters they want us to have the ones we are missing within 3-4 months I believe. I think a lot of things will come fast and bring what people are missing and make up for a ton of content its just playing the waiting game.

Ask me anything PvP related . i love pvp - #21 by OlderBadboy find some answers or help others with the experience you got . lot’s of people feel underwhelmed

If you wanna join us at this tournament + hall of fame events in our pvp ommunity have a look :stuck_out_tongue:

I really enjoyed the PVP while I was able to play it… but being unable to even participate has forced me to move on from the game pretty much at this point… shame