[PVX] [NA-East][UNA] <Madtown Mayhem>

Madtown Mayhem is recruiting. We are a group of friends who have been playing together for years and are looking for some more like minded people to play the game with.

We plan on doing all of the content at our own pace, some of us will no life and do dallies every day and gear up multiple characters as fast as possible. Some of us will log on every few days to play the game.

We are neither hardcore nor casual but right in between, we plan on doing all forms of content and eventually reach endgame together, but at a none burn out rate.

We all have jobs and families that take priority.


Age: 25+
Mic + Discord: Optional

Rules: Just don’t be an ass, like were adults we know what is acceptable. If you are a troll, talk in streamer speak, or do not know how to have a normal conversation with women, do not reply.

If you are interested tell us a little about yourself in the comments below. We are trying to grow a guild to have more friends, not to just be acquaintances. We want to have fun, so if we don’t think you might be a good fit we will let you know.