QOL change for gunslinger

Please let me change stances while knocked down or stun. that is all

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Let’s add. Let us cancel all animation by changing stance (like some skills).

Also, let us predefined stances by different hotkey. One key for each stance.

no :slight_smile:

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lol point to this doll where a gunslinger hurt you sir

i’m a 1395 gunslinger, just no :slight_smile:

What does item level have to do with it?

absolutely nothing so i dont know what gratification he gets out of this lol

I do actually love it if you could do but then I thought about pvp and how busted it would be there.
They would have to allow it in pve and disable it in pvp.

i dont see how it would be busted in pvp EVERY class has the capacity to get up with one of their many super armors and knock up for a full combo. fumbling the wrong button to try to get away or retaliate is not going to break the meta by any means. Theres no reason why we cant do it.

It would remove one of the ways to counter gunslinger, you can catch them offguard in Sniper or Shotgun stance, if they are in Handgun stance they can simply Summersault and get evade buff so your stagger doesn’t connect. Letting them be able to change stance mid stagger let’s them be able to easily disengage or counter engage.

lol i wish Gunslinger had a move that has a auto combo launcher with super armor to abuse with stance switching. but they dont, plus this class literally crumbles caught in the whirlwind of toddler level classes that just spin to win. I am asking for a QOL change that jsut makes sense.

also im saying that we should be able to switch stances as soon as we are able to spacebar out.

No, you asked while being stuned or knocked down, not when you can spacebar.

Let me turn on igniter while on my back.

Yes. All of these would be great. We already have to eat the CD and damage loss by cancelling a skill; no reason to have to lose our dodge CD as well. It’s also just sloppy design to have this kind of thing work differently for different abilities.

You would still be able to counter them this way. It just means you have to chain your combo properly, but is that really any different than now? Are you actually leaving an extra .1 seconds between your first and second CCs because you know you caught them without their pistol out? You can’t Somersault mid CC.

Another QOL, merge together the shotgun and rifle bars, only one part is “active” at any given time (the actual active stance, of course), the other is grayed out, but pressing something ONCE on the inactive part switches to that stance, and you can press it again to actually cast the thing. So if you’re in rifle and you want to cast something from the shotgun stance you just double tap the button and go at it.

Oh, and let us holster our weapons when out of combat and show inactive stances’ weapons neatly on our back/hips.


This such a nice idea.

I mean, dont get knocked down? Dont understand the purpose of this complaint. Youre complaining you cant weapon swap while knocked down? Really?

getting knocked down is a going to happen to any player. im just saying being to swap back to pistols after the knock down to allow for immediate use of those abilities would be a good QOL change. there is no reason why my class has to spend any amount of time cycling weapons before use.

you can ask for that if you want you? i dont know how that will benefit your class to waste your CD like that. Gunslingers identity is tied to the weapon swap mechanic. it doesnt give them an edge or a power boost to be able to have pistols on que just some more chance for survivability and/or better flow for the play style