QoL change for Raids

I am not sure if this has been posted already, it probably has but I would still like to refresh this suggestion.

Give us the ability to restart Raids from Gate 1 but VOID all rewards that have been acquired previously. Ex: You finish Vykas G1-G2 but get jailed/trapped in G3 and the group disbands. You are able to restart/reform a new group from G1 but do not get the rewards from G1-2 anymore

The reason gatekeeping is so bad is because this game promotes alts and therefore the “homework” expands exponentially. People want to get through raids quick and are afraid of trap groups that can jail them in a random gate.

Unable to restart from Gate 1 means that you now have a smaller pool of people to choose from if the previous raid was stopped.

This will obviously not resolve all of the gatekeeping but IMO it will be a huge improvement of raid quality in the game.


just allow me to enter cleared gate again without getting a reward for redoing it. it doesnt have to get overcomplicated

It should be possible to enter cleared gates until you clear the last/final gate. This way the whole jail-problem can be eliminated without altering the raid and party finder experience.

Infinite raids or allowing to re-enter all cleared gates would lead to more bussing imho.

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The only issue I see is people deliberately not clearing the last gate to run bus runs for the earlier gates. This would be very popular for G1-2 and G1-4 Brel bus runs.

I agree that the jail system needs to be tweaked though, maybe put a limit on say 3 “gate resets” per week per roster? The reset would of course not allow for duplicate loot but the limit of 3 per week would put a cap on misuse potential via bussing.

actually that is what i have meant. Untill you clear the final gate you could enter previously cleared gates.

System should not be allowed for the newest raid to avoid problem described. Maybe overall the brelshaza ahould be excluded from that.

I also proposed the exact idea but it does need to fix on some aspect since people can now do infinite bus for bots if it come true. They need to deal with bots first before doing anything on this reset on gate

Appreicate this feedback/suggestion for raids @Lady_Lynxx as well as everyone else. I can send this feedback on.