[QOL] Change prefixes and sufixes for the french version of the game ASAP!

Hello, I have had issues with titles regarding the french version of the game, because in our language, prefixes and suffixes are exchanged. For example, my title :

de Punika Mokoko, means : From Punika, Mokoko, when it should mean, Mokoko from punika (better translation). This should be an easy problem to solve and it would improve the use of titles.


An other example would be this : ’ Parfaite Legende ’ would translate to ’ Legend Perfect ’ which feels off compared to ’ Perfect Legend ’ (Legende Parfaite).


Here we have ’ Inate : Friend ’ which would translate more or less to ’ Friend Inate ’ instead of ’ Inate Friend : Hahiro ', like, for example the ‘:’ usage would fit better as a suffix to designate the bearer of the title.

Don’t be afraid to tell me if my english was poor, thanks you for reading.
It would be very nice to have this change :partying_face:

Tu sais que t’es dans la section française et que tu peux parler français x)

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Salut @Hahiro merci de ton feedback ! Il est vrai que l’ordre (ou plutôt désordre en l’occurrence !) de certains adjectifs, préfixes et suffixes de la version française fait que le titre sonne vraiment bizarre.

Je ne peux pas te promettre qu’une amélioration à ce propos sera apportée à court terme, mais j’ai bien fait remonter ton feedback à l’équipe :ok_hand: