QOL changes KR to NA

I’m honestly just hoping for either a reply from dev or anybody that maybe heard about this topic before? Noting all the QOL changes being announced (MVP Screen Change) and shipped out in KR (notably the back attack and head attack indicators), will these ever be released in NA also at the same time? Do we have to wait a couple months to a year or however long for QOL changes that don’t affect content or game progression whatsoever?

They don’t post here as Smilegate is a Korean company. Community managers pass along feedback, that’s the extent of either company’s interaction with us.

Yes, eventually as they want us to be caught up to KR/RU/JP, which should include features and QOL. No ETA yet, though.

Probably not, but anything is possible.

This should be the assumption, yes. If that changes you’ll find out, just keep an eye on forums / update articles / patch notes.

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