QoL changes request to add

how about adding QoL change to NAMES !!!

can we please have more capitalization options rather than just the first letter…

i have many name ideas, they just look stupid not identifying them out capitalizing them, how hard can implementing that be really?

that’s my two cents

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Hello @ThatGirlShayLynn,

I moved your post over to the Game Feedback section. I’ll also send your feedback to the team for consideration.

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right on thanks !

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any SLIM chance we get this ‘‘easy’’ QoL improvement into this weeks patch?!?!

oohhh PLOX !!!

People have been asking since the Beta, or even Alpha of the western version.
Before launch AGs said, there won’t be any capital letters other than the first letter.

I do hope, that it will get changed eventually. The system was made for hangul, there are no capital letters as we in the west know it.