QoL: Dismantle all accessories w/o engraving notification

Just like there is a button to apply the dismantle settings to everything in your inventory, it would be great if there was a button to add everything without the engraving notifications (or an auto-dismantle setting that works and does the same). This would save me some time clicking everything that doesn’t have the notification.

The button could go here:

The following irrelevant to the suggestion, can ignore:

Before some people ask, the existing options doesn’t let me do this with the set up I currently have.

My current settings are already pretty ideal but this is the last piece I need to make my accessory checking a lot easier. Here are my settings if you’re interested:


What this does:

  • Uses the auto-dismantle settings to ensure I never see accessories less than legendary 80 quality.
  • Uses the auto-dismantle settings only to ensure I never see endurance, expertise, or domination accessories (bypasses rank/tier so also applies to relic and ancient).
  • Uses the blue target engraving notification as a separate system from the auto-dismantle settings (since it’s not as versatile as it could be) and instead I just dismantle everything without the blue target and without looking at it.

So after a raid or chaos I just have to right click everything without a blue target and dismantle without even looking at it, and everything remaining has 2 engravings from my favorites + guaranteed swift, crit, and/or spec. So this suggestion is basically to streamline that last step and batch select all of these without the target.


Running auto-dismantle with your settings as shown and then checking the engraving box (first screenshot) and running it again should do the trick right?

Still not perfect, but this way you could avoid having to click on single items.

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Yeah I’ve done that but it’s a bit more tedious to do that and then switch it back so I don’t forget :sweat_smile: . Would be nice if there was an easier way. I realize it’s nitpicky, but hoping it’s easy enough to add :pray:

I forgot you have to also switch rank to Relic (otherwise Relic with shit engravings stays) for the “workaround” and then switch it back after. It’s not ideal at all

Nah it’s necessary, the auto-dismantle does need tweaking for sure. I’m still here comparing stats for singular items manually which makes this whole system kinda obsolete to begin with.

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Thank you for this feedback @Ayryin and your input as well @Bimochim I will note this and send it on.

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Thank you!! :blush: