[QoL] Forgot about us?

Greetings everyone, I’m gonna voice about the current gamer population that suffer Motion Sickness.

I noticed that smilegate worried with accessibility and stuff, but unfortunatly forgot about us.

I suggest urgently to pay attention to us, because motion sickeness is real, it make us feel really bad when it triggers, luck for those that don’t suffer from that because you don’t have to deal with:

  • Nausea / vomit
  • Drool
  • Headache
  • Vertigo

Generally 1st person games are famous to trigger such issues, but unfortunatly I noticed that Lost Ark use alot of stuff that really helps the motion sickness to trigger it too:

  • Usage of screen blur, please stop abusing this…
  • Screen shaking, please give us the feature to disable it… its terrible for us.

I hope no dev have this condition as good portion of us gamers do, because It’s pitifull when you try to enjoy the game and need to keep fighting to stay online, forcing yourself to adjust to this lots of forced issues.

Please be more concious and have some “empathy” toward us, players with motion sickness.

If the game wont do insane blurs… crazy camera overturns… big screen shakes… won’t make the game bad, having an option to disable this… will honestly help us to keep playing instead of having to take turns between play and have continuos forced rest because something triggered the motion sickness.

The game really reminds me of Tera time… good stuff but help us to stay!

You can disable motion blur and screen shake in the settings.

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That is the 1st thing I always check on any game.

Even if everything there on picture is disable, the motion blur still happens…

The screen shake option, I searched on my client and theres no option for that.
Unless its regional, because the only client I heard it has this option was russian!?

i saw an option yesterday if i am not remembering incorrectly. but i think it was not named screen shake 1:1. when i come online later in about 9-10 hours i can check and update here.

Screen shake is in that combat settings. As for motion blur if you have that disabled and it still blurs im sorry. It doesn’t sound like a good time for you.

Edit: I’m at work so I can’t load the game up to screenshot for you :pleading_face:

Found, gonna test again.

Most screenshakes I am noticed are inside the dungeons. Unless its something programmed to happen no matter your settings?

I hope it at least makes it so it’s not too bad to play. Only other suggestions I could make is play in a brightly lit room. It should help a little.

Even with the option off, skill’s still shake the screen and there’s plenty of other camera shaking in the different environments. Smilegate, for the love of Beatrice, please allow for ALL camera shake to be disabled in the settings.