QoL in Chaos Dungeon

Chaos dungeons are the most important and most time efficient daily to do, and honestly I like doing them, it feels super worth. But I had a couple suggestions to make it feel a bit more smooth…

-Buffs transferring between rooms. Some do, like pinnacle glaivier identity buff, but many don’t, like deathblade RE/surge, paladin judicator and others. It would be nice for a lot of classes if they got to keep their buff between floors. Same goes for betrayal set buffs, nothing hurts more than proccing transcendence right before you have to swap rooms.

-Mob spawning delay. I realize this might be by design, but I find it a little annoying having to stand still for a couple seconds every time mobs spawn, even though they appear, they arent targetable yet. You waste a lot of time sitting around waiting just for them to spawn (just like in cube…).

-Pack density/aggro range/kite-ability. Honestly, its a lot better now, and I remember the days when it was much worse, but theres a couple maps (especially one that is like grassy fields) that are way too spread out with elite packs spawning on way opposite sides, and the trash density is super thin. And some of the mobs just refuse to move until you’re right next to them.

Overall, its just a few things that would make our daily grinds a bit more pleasant. Feel free to leave responses or your own suggestions.


Could not say better QoL than that. Hope your feedback will be take in considerarion

My words exactly, especially on some mobs the spawn time is unbearable, like the dragons or that guy with the big sword.

I’d also like to add to get rid of them different stages and make is one area without annoying loading times!!


just fine by me…because i dont have OCD

+10000 upvotes for this QOL changes.

Seems your suggestions are going down well!

I’ll pass this feedback over to the team. Thanks!

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Would be great if those huge maps with some grassy parts get removed entirely.

Most of the maps have spawns surrounding the player without having to move much, but those two maps forces the players to travel across the map back and forth to make mobs/mini boss move to the player.

Imo, players don’t really care about the map diversity/background, but more about how fast and efficient they can get their dailies done. If all the chaos dungeon maps are restricted down to south vern ones, then that would be fantastic.

I agree with being able to maintain buffs through portals, I hate not being able to carry over the buffs I got in the previous room. from things like my nightmare set and other things like even ether predator boosts.

Thanks Ominous!

These are good suggestions for QoL.

Aren’t all of these already on the Kr client? So we should get them in the coming months.

The best qol is 1x chaos with double rewards -.-

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this has been covered many times, and Goldriver said this won’t happen.

Agree, and plus have a option to let Rest Bonus reach 100% and do 1 run to consumes to 0%

Pack density / Aggro range - Turn this up to south vern chaos line levels and chaos will be perfect

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buffss through portals would be amazing. esp the betrayal set transitiioning