QoL: Make certain classes easier to play

Summoner: It’s annoying having to switch between previous level (ie Akir to Jahia) summons constantly pressing Specialty key. Why not minimize the amount by letting us be able to switch to previous summon by using a new hotkey, say: Shift + “Specialty key”.

Transformation classes. Shadowhunter and Machinist: Please allow us to switch hotkeys for skills in transformation mode. I ALWAYS have my Counter skill on D so it’s easier to remember as I play many alts. So having SH Demon counter on W and Machinist EVO counter on R makes it difficult, especially when I’m about to exit transformation mode during a Counter moment.

These aren’t huge changes but it would make playing these classes so much easier.

just click with mouse then

Appreciate this feedback @Andross I will send this on.