This is a simple, harmless QOL change that will go a long way in improving player moral.

You want us to play alts, okay fine.

Stop making it a negative when a new Alt reaches a milestone. We are not all ultra efficient about calculating exactly when we’re going to finish out current tier and for all the fighting about honing mats nothing feels worse than looking at stacks of T2 material that your alt would LOVE to have access to but cannot.

It is simply a means of aggravation that contains no value to not be able to trade your lower tier honing materials to your other ROSTER characters.

nobody expects to be allowed to trade/sell these materials. we want to move them around our own personal account so that they aren’t sitting in one characters bank until we fustration delete them


I was like yesssssss I’ll just grind chaos across my knowledge transfer characters and leapstones were character bound. like… what.

I was ready to keep playing until I realized this.


I still don’t understand why leapstones you get from breaking down trash loot from chaos dungeons are bound to your character and yet the stones can be traded. And yet there are ways to get leapstones that can be traded…it’s so inconsistent


Only Credit Card spending would be harmed in this process. Amazon likes money, there is a reason it was changed to the way it is currently. They actually had to change the code to make it Bound and not Bound to Roster. KR/RU it is bound to roster, they changed it on purpose.


I believe AGS is blissfully ignorant of how many players they are deterring from spending money, by making “everything” so much more difficult.

What is the point of alts if you can’t share materials (of all kinds)?


I agree. They seem to think the short term gains of creating pain points for the players to feel the need to spend outweighs the long term benefits of having a happy, healthy player base.


No it isnt. Literally 80% of the things you do in KR give you character bound materials. Go to KR/RU and show me that materials are roster bound. You wont find any.


Even if it isn’t, it simply should be.

It’s bad design to expect players to delete materials that could be used on other roster characters simply because you “advanced”


Its fine to not agree with it, I just dont like people creating falsehoods that other regions have it any differently. Its literally the same here as the kther regions.


That is fair, inaccurate information doesn’t help anyone. I’d like see other QOL that’s in the KR client as well (that loot box needs to be out of the middle of the screen!!) and especially with the current complaints of people suffering with honing materials, this just seems like a healthy option to improve player moral

It’s actually extremely annoying how much misinformation is already spreading throughout the game. There are a bunch of things that people believe for some reason that is simply not true:

  • Getting mokoko seeds will reduce the amount of damage you do (this was said as a joke and people took it seriously so there are a few people that tried to avoid mokoko seeds as much as possible or got sad that they had accidentally picked up a couple)
  • There is no use for extra cards so just delete them (I feel bad for anyone that deleted legendary cards because of this)
  • All materials in other regions are either tradable or roster bound (there is literally another thread about this where a bunch of people are adamant about this being true despite showing absolutely no proof and also being shown the exact opposite with proof)

They wont do that, they want you to buy mats and grind more.


The problem is actions such as this are actively pushing people away from spending. I’m not against spending but the way AGS has presented themselves so far I won’t pay out of spite alone.

Little things such as this is the driving force in that decision. Even if it’s the same across KR/RU it’s still a bad system to expect players to be alright with destroying stacks of materials they worked hard for on one character while the next character you log into desires them.

Perhaps I am alone in that thought process.


All this waste of hard earned materials for not being able to share honing materials between roster characters passes a terrible message and image of anti-recycling and anti-circular economy stance by AGS/Smilegate…


Bound leapstones and shards have nothing to do with ags, it works the same as it is in korea.

No you are not alone, as @powerlive96 said though the leapstones and such are like that in Korea too but nevertheless AGS has proven scammy and money hungry as hell and i too wont spend because of that and mostly because they ve lost my trust as a customer, the problem is that most people will spend no matter what and thats why AGS keeps doing what its doing.

The worst thing AGS is doing in my opinion is keeping silent about all the problems ignoring and not fixing anything and then one day they just release a PR bullshit letter that fixes nothing and they think they are done. I truly believe that AGS has sealed its fate because of this and will never succeed in gaming.

Which is nothing?

The only major thing they did was release argos, gold river said in the interview it would be in a month. They HAD to release argos out of neccesity so their version of the game would start catching up to korea. but that content only lasts like 20 minutes and locks you out weekly.

Most whales who got there had regrets when they realised they still had to do chaos dungeon, guardian raids, etc.

They ve done many anti-customer bullshit so far, its not just about Lost ark at this point.


Buy what? They haven’t got anything good in the shop anyway.

We haven’t even gotten the loyalty shop yet, where people can get extra stuff when they buy stuff from the shop.

Litteraly almost any f2p game does this even some b2p games.

Thats the worst argument i ve ever heard but i didnt mean to link just my comment on this post, i wanted you to check it all.

No, not all f2p games do that. Only the predatory ones.