Still not a thing in other regions, won’t be a thing in our region. Seriously, they went out of their way not giving us the 1460 stronghold research with Vykas and expect them to give you full agency of all your alt materials? You’d be basically skipping the entire ilvl curve if they did. Don’t kid yourselfes.

Yeah I don’t think anyone would expect T3 to be tradable, it would make things to easy to power level a single Main.

@Crimnor I expect a system in a game where I farmed the materials to not expect me to delete those materials. What other regions do doesn’t matter, it’s a poorly designed system to lock resources that you need, that are already within your roster with the only purpose for them is to delete them.

It’s a bad system, it deserves to be addressed.

I think there’s some rewards that should remain character bound, like Una rewards.

If you have leftovers that you don’t need then you’re to blame for not using what is given to you properly. I have yet to go through a character that had relevant amount of leftovers. No, your 30k Harmony Shards and 1200 Guardian Stones are not relevant.

I just really hope that the recent fuck up they did with the Vykas update being delayed will result in Team Update info that all the bound mats (leapstones and shard bags [unopened]) will change to roster bound.

Fuck, I’d even forgive all their previous shenanigans if that were to happen.

If they aren’t relevant than why not let them be tradable.

You are arguing a thread that was made back in March, when people didn’t have a clear understanding of the game and made mistakes with materials. The thread also was linked to all the other threads about the same topic.

Sure this has less impact today for anyone who’s been playing all along, we know to be careful when leveling alts and get just what you need because now we know what to expect. That still doesn’t mean the system was good then and if the game ever does have a resurgence of new players, they’ll be here making the same thread about how dumb of a system it is.

Yeah, because giving people with alts full access and control to 5000+ GHL surely is a wise, balanced decision.

How many GHL you farm in T2?

Must be a secret island we don’t know about.

None because I’ll be out of T2 within a week and don’t need to scrap for leftovers I may have had back in February.

Your missing the point

It isn’t about how vital those resources are or how you can’t go without them. It’s simply about how poorly designed the system is in a game that favors a player making multiple alts to have those alts be roadblocked from having leftovers handed down the line.

When you hit T3 and have a T2 alt your working on next and anything leftover on your T3 has to be deleted while you log onto your T2 and re-farm them, it’s just a shitty design and has been the cause of a lot of player frustration since launch.

Hello, hello @Roxx the team liked idea so much, can we get so much as an update on the mater?

don’t alt. don’t swipe. stop playing at 1370?