QOL Request - Save UI windows after moving

Please let us change UI elements on screen and lock them in place like other MMORPGs.
(Example: FFXIV)

  1. Issue is the positioning of the boss HP bar and the You Died window.
    *The You Died window covers up the number of remaining bars on the boss HP bar.
    *We have the ability to move the You Died window but it doesn’t “save” that positioning the next time it happens.

  2. Another issue is the positioning of the Restart Vote window.
    *One person might die and try to pop the restart vote even though the other 7 do not want to restart. This however shows up in the middle of the screen and can sometimes make it hard to see mechanics causing other people to die.

In B4 people reply with “Just don’t die…”, I know, I know.

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