QoL: Show Guild in Character Switch Menu

Managing multiple guilds is quite tedious already, but a quick improvement that would be a huge help is to show which guild each of your characters is in.

It could look something like this:

As a guild master that is managing 1 main guild and 5 alt guilds under a single guild umbrella, it would be great if this existed so I could more easily remember which character I put in each guild to manage its Weekly Tasks, Research, and member approvals.

Some other bonus QoL that would be amazing:

  • Create “recurring” weekly tasks so it automatically takes the same weekly task each week if you don’t plan on changing them.
  • Being able to alphabetically sort (and/or search) the Gold Distribution table (I have to scroll up and down constantly to find people to distribute gold to so it’s very annoying).

Hello Ayryin,

It looks like you’ve put much thought into this! We will certainly pass your feedback along. Thanks for the suggestion!


Thank you! Really appreciate it :blush: