QoL sugestions part 1

Please move voting window pop up to a different area when it appears (bottom right). Lost at 2% on guardian raid because someone voted to end and blocked my view causing me to die and wasting 12 minutes plus another run. This should take 15 minutes to change! People can use this to troll!

Can we make timers on skills easier to read? A different color font or even an opacity adjustment when they are on cooldown? Coutless times i have thought my skills were off cd just to find out the number was perfectly camouflaged with the icon graphic.

Gear presets just move gear to the bottom of your inventory even if you lock the position before hand. Can we make it so when changing gear the items go to where you set them? Be really nice to use pet inventory for this function.

The biggest oneā€¦PLEASE EXTEND MOB TIMERS!!! It is the most frustrating thing trying to collect quest items or even gather when mobs spawn every 3 seconds. This is absolutely unecessary and even a 30 second timer would be a huge improvement and allow people to actually gather; And move mobs away from quests npcs too please!!