QoL : Trade Skill - Mining Bomb Adjustment/Buff

Proposal: Decrease the normal skill, Mining Bomb, cooldown time from 2 minutes to 30seconds to 1 minute.


To get straight to the point, there arguably is no reason why the cooldown for it should be 2 minutes long. It’s an essential skill for Spida island and I am sure the data AGS/SG shows how many people does it and how often which evidently should be extremely unpopulated throughout some if not most of the Spida Island spawn time.

I can understand people’s rebuttal saying that players should be doing when it’s a most populated time or that you should bring a group of 4-8 people who have the Mining Bomb skill from level 30 mining, but that doesn’t solve the issue for people who can’t log on during populated times and are only able to do it with a few individuals. Every player can benefit from this so don’t play devil advocate with me xD.

I just did Spida island as just an experiment at 7:30AM EST. With just me and two other random individuals where only two of the three of us has the Mining bomb skill. We were only able to destroy all out the outer shell at 5 minutes remaining. Then it took maybe around 3 to 4 minutes actually breaking the egg to see the boss have 23X Hp bars at 1:45 minutes remaining. Realistically, its impossible to completely Spida Island with 3 people with the condition that Mining Bomb cooldown remains at 2 minutes so it’s really just a waste of 20 minutes for anybody currently attempting it with a few - handful of people.

If you don’t want to change Spida Island, then please consider drastically lowering the cooldown of the Mining Bomb skill of the Trading Skill - Mining

Life energy is finite and Foraging, Excavating and even Fishing are the trade skills most people would choose to spend their life energy on rather than mining. So, there really is no need to add long cooldowns for the normal skills of a trade skill that not many people use. The introduction of the farm system in the stronghold also further makes it even more irrelevant imo.