Qol update for boss rush? incudle 3x ticket use like cube

any chance of this happening? i can finish my cube tickets so fast, but when i have over6x boss rush it does take a couple hours

This never happened in KR servers either because of afkers and account sellers (way less than NA but they exist) making the content much harder to clear so they never added this iirc

I usually do it solo, and it takes just under 7 minutes to complete boss rush. Maybe you are doing something wrong. For me, doing cube is much more unbearable. Of course, normally in all my alts I have 1-3 tickets per week, which (if I decide to do all of them) really takes quite a while (but in this case it’s because I have 7 T3 characters)

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Seems odd if each of your character would get more than 2 of these tickets every week.

They are really good for the Una weekly quest for boss rush. So it would be a waste to reduce your number of runs.

For cube it is also great XP to use them 1 by 1.
As long as your not level 60 should get the XP out of them.

Not that I mind addition of using 3 at a time. Would just be a trap to do.

i have 10 heros in total, maybe ive just been saving them too much, finally compelted them all after hours and hours 10+ tickets on each char.

Someone actually asked this question on the winter loa on q&a.

Director responsed by saying that boss rush tickets don’t drop as often as cube tickets do so they have no reason to add a x3 option.

Dumb response but whatever.

Go to 6:10:10

This is also the question on where he says why he dont want to do one chaos and one guardian a day.

Lol, the last time I got boss rush ticket on my main was with the login reward…btw do you know that you can spend roughly 3k bloodstones to get 110k silver? :smiley:

Well Boss Rush rewards are static. While Cube is not. That’s likely why they won’t.

From what I’ve seen x3 Ticket is a waste also. If you have time you should do them 1 at a time for more rolls to get bonus rooms and engravings. Cube is horrible so I get why people want it over.