QOL: Weapon Glow

There should be an option to change to whichever glow you like more, once you’ve acquired the respectful glow previously.
Example: Your weapon is +25 currently but you personally like the +17 glow because it will maybe fit your character’s appearance better. You simply change it to that particular glow.

I don’t see a reason why something like this wouldn’t be in the game. If we’re able to convert entire sets, there’s no reason not to be able to change the glow.
Just my opinion.


There are many reasons for this, here are just some of them;

I didn’t say my weapon is +25. I just said it would be nice to be able to have a selection of previously acquired glows to fit your character’s appearance better.
Don’t turn this subject into something completely unrelated.

Glow isnt here to be what you want, it’s here to say “my weapon is this high ilvl”

The fact you can hide it is already much

this will be pretty nice for when we get the akkan weapons and +25 looks trash (imo). having an option to just change the glow based on which are available for that weapon level would be nice 'cus otherwise players like me will just turn the glow off when we get to a lvl of glow that just looks ugly or clashes too much.

Money, thats why. You want a new glow? RNG your way to a new one.

I agree it would be pretty cool to have access to all glows you’ve unlocked. I’m not even the type to care for the glows in general but I do think the ability to mix and match with your costumes would add some flare to customizations.

Anyone posting opposition to this is just looking to argue for dumb reasons so don’t find yourself trapped debating them :joy:. This is as harmless as changes can get.


I like 19 best, 21 is absolute garbo imo.