QTE bugs? Vykas is already there and still nothing

INSANE QTE bug reported since lot of month and still no answer.
It funny to die on SETO since 5 month, but we need to clear Vykas cuz its the last and harder content.
But we cant cuz QTE cant be done with controller in 2022. WTF ???!

Yeah I was hoping it was one of the reason of the delay of Vykas, and there’s 0 mention of this bug in the patch ! We need an answer from technical support !

Hi, I have the same bug here. If controller is “plugged in” (turned on in the case of wireless) the Seto and Vykas QTE will display a string of Qs: QQQQQQ. Of course if we try to type that it fails, because the real string is obviously different.

This is a gamebreaking bug for controller users.
Additional note: for Vykas I turn off temporarily my controller and the QTE works well.

For now controller support is very raw and I don’t expect this to be fixed right away, since it’s been there for months on Seto.

If you’re doing Vykas: when the QTE is announced (the little text that happens around 138 HP bars) just turn off/unplug your controller, move with your group to the orb with your mouse, do the QTE, and turn on/plug your controller. For now it’s the only workaround I know (besides learning to play with keyboard+mouse).

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I’m doing the Unplug/ replug during fight for now but hell that’s annoying.µ

FIX THAT PLZ, not like this has been notified Moonth ago


Some people don’t even get the second typetest.