Quality of life change. Consumables/UI/Bindings

  • Only one flare can be used at a time
    • Feels so bad when you use a flare at the same time someone else does
  • Roster wide consumables
    • Juggling pots and grenades around alts is unnecessary and it sucks running out when you know you have a ton of them made already.
  • Allow UI frames to be moved anywhere and resized.
    • Parts of the UI arent in the best positions and are sometimes in the way. Watching the bottom of the screen to watch the CD timers is also no fun. I would love to be able to move the abilities closer to the middle of the screen.
  • Save positioning of windows
    • Having the bag/AH and especially the move to next chaos dungeon window get moved back to default positions is very annoying.
  • More advanced keybinding options and dual binding
    • We should be able to rebind everything especially the G key and be able to unbind keys without being constantly reminded of it.
  • Add all skills and tripods to the beginning class trial
    • The preselected skills and tripods does not true show how the class plays.