Quality of Life Features - Update please?

Hi @Roxx , can we please get an update on any upcoming quality of life features?

We love this game but there are so many missing QOL features compared to KR. From the top of my head (I know I’ll be missing a few more features), can you please provide an update on the following:

  • Front/back indicator for boss
  • Daily UI tracker for una/chaos/etc.
  • Open market API? - this is a massive one
  • Ability to move party UI around
  • Ability to open up Chaos Dungeon from anywhere in the game instead of having to actually walk to the Chaos Gate Entrance.



Its actualy insane they arent implementing bunch of these every week. There is no money to be made by drip feeding features like this. It only makes the user experience better which directly coresponds to higher player retention.

The Patch notes for tomorrow’s update look so sad.


Queue alert bypassing no sound while tabbed out option.
As in I don’t want game sounds while I’m tabbed to desktop, but I want the queue warning to be heard or at least for the lost ark icon in the taskbar to blink orange. Every other game with queue has this, idk why isn’t it a thing in LA.

Ability to mute pings separate from the rest of the sounds would also be nice. Or to mute individual player’s ping.