Quality of Life Suggestion- Low Level Pots and Junk Items

Can we have an option to not loot low level potions and junk items that sell for barely any silver? It’s annoying having it clog up the inventory, dragging it off the inventory, or even bothering to go sell it for scraps.

Alternative Options:

  • Low level potions that are looted are roster bound to be used on alts
  • Junk items removed from game, instead monsters drop silver value of said junk items

It already exists. Update your pet autoloot settings.

Making them roster wide would make total sense. Currently your alts are gimped from the get go when it comes to healing. If we could transfer potions from other characters it would make life easier.

They could still limit potions to certain levels or gear scores but at least let me share them with essentially myself. I earned the drops while playing the game myself, it’s not like it’s stuff that’s not even mine.

There are too many mechanics in this game that have been implemented solely to make your life more difficult and this is one of them.

All bound consumables should be bound roster wide, AND there should be an inventory tab for consumables where both roster bound and unbound consumables reside, so that everything is in the same place and every character picks stuff from the same place, reducing boring alt management.

Ideally normal healing potions should either cease to exist as items, turning them into a special skill that scales with your level and item level, or…

… turn into a special item that gets charged up with a (theoretically infinite) reserve of health with each “potion” you pick up. They would appear as “items” but they just add X health to the pool, and each character would add and consume an appropriate amount for their level and item level. Far more interesting than having a bajillion health potion types with increasing health restored. But that means innovation on systems and we can’t have that, no no no.

This doesn’t work, the only way to disable this is by unchecking “gear and items” but then it wont loot gear which defeats the purpose of autoloot