Quality of Life suggestions/ideas


  1. Allow us to convert character bond honing mats to a higher tier. We already can convert leap stones to greater. Why not allow us to convert Tier 1 mats (character bond) to Tier 2 and from Tier 2 to 3? Throwing a way those
    mats we farm from abyssal dungeons and quest is such a waste. Instead of giving us free honing mats via events, let this system be a way for players to get a bit more rewards for their work. The ratio of conversion should be 3-1. Example: 30 guardian fragment to 10 guardian stone, 3 harmony leapstones into 1 life leapstone, etc.
  2. Prevent song playing, questing loot/action from being interrupted by mob attack. Let’s face it, it is an annoying part of the game we find ourselves facing sometimes. While trying to play song to escape or looting a quest item, a
    mob comes and peck us. It interrupts the action and we have to clear it. This mechanic adds nothing to the game but annoyance.
  3. AOE buffs range indicator. No sure if this one is in the game or not, but I don’t find it readily available.For new support players, or players in general, they don’t know how far their buff range is. It would be helpful to create an option for us to turn on to see where the buffing zone is for our skills.
  4. Items purchased from Mari shop should all be ROSTER bond. There are instances where people have accidentally claim items on the wrong char only to find that they can’t use them.
  5. Randomize Kalthertz prisoner pirate coin reward. Instead of making it just that two specific NPC, we know who they are, Just randomize it to all possible NPC. It is a pain to run around, switching channels, contending with others to do this quest.Setting this place as BOTH a way to earn pirate coins and do una task creates too much traffic. Make it so the more expensive prisoners, 1800 ones have a higher chance of giving more pirate coins, and the cheaper 300 ones give lower a mount of coins, etc.
  6. Allow us to craft abyss gear from any abyss NPC instead of making it continent specific.
  7. Make tripod search filtering easier for our items in our inventory. Also, move the GUI box to the left instead of putting it in the middle where it obstruct the view of what the tripod description.
  8. Create a “mute all/dnd” focus button. In the middle of a raid or pvp, our stronghold, quest alert, alarms tend to go off like crazy, especially when you’ve been crafting. This can be pretty distracting to some. Create a mute all notification that can be toggle on and off please.
  9. Relating to number 8, this may be a bug, but sometimes the guide quest pops up out of no where. This happens quite frequently during arena/pvp. Please fix this. Every time I login, all of these alerts, quests, etc just pops up everywhere. These are the ones I can not abandon, but like to though. Please fix this or implement a turn off setting for them.
  10. Put a label on which skills causes destruction/break point damage. It will be very helpful for new players.

If a skill does destruction damage it is labeled as ”Weak-Point” which admittedly is not very intuitive for new players

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Where it gets confusing is when you have tripod saying “weak point” skills. It actually does not do destruction damage to bosses like the turtle guardian etc.
Example is Glavier’s Red dragon horn and star fall pounce, both have weak point but it doesn’t break the shell. Yet Shackling blue dragon actually does break the shell, and it doesn’t say weak point. I couldn’t find that description on the skill itself.

Sometimes skills that have destruction damage only apply it if the boss is staggered, and a ”hitmark” with show that a part is breakable. That means WeakPoint will apply if you hit that certain body part where it indicates, for example after staggering scorpions, their tail is set as a WeakPoint target for couple seconds. Also in your example both Red Dragon Horn and Starfall pounce have tripods called ”WeakPoint detection” and if you red what it does, it doesn’t add WeakPoint lvl (=destruction damage) to the skill. A tripod called WeakPoint Enhancement (which starfall pounce has on the same row as WeakPoint Detection) is a tripod that adds a destruction damage component to the skill. And since we know this now I’m betting that you have the ”WeakPoint Enhancement” tripod selected on Shackling Blue Dragon hence why it is doing destruction damage. So yes, the wording at least is very unideal for newer players.

The naming party definitely can be done better. Having a skill tripod with weak point detection and a skill that does weak point level 1-2 etc gets confusing.

Instead of naming it “Weak point detection,” a tripod that is common in many class where it allows the player to deal additional bosses, it should be named “Slayer” or something else.